Responsive and Adaptive Web Designs

The “Post PC World” is the common term that we often hear from people now a day. Web developers know that term very well and they understand what to do for their clients to stay in the market. Analytics data shows that most of the web traffic now comes through mobile (53%). It shows that designers and developers will have to change their development strategies towards mobile and other portable devices in future and they will have to provide responsive web solutions for their clients.

Hopefully the users no longer use the laptops and PCs to access internet in the future. Therefore organizations are looking for their businesses to be accessible through mobile and other portable devices to maintain and to enhance their business sales in the market. The proper understanding of responsive and adaptive designs gained the popularity now a day. We will have to work for smart phones, tablets and other screens that we see in the user hands. We will also have to work for the screens of tomorrow that cannot be imagined today.

Today the CSS Media Queries are used to design a responsive web site. This query adjusts a website on every sort of the screen it finds. Developers need to keep the challenges of tomorrow in their mind along with today’s responsive designs. There are some shortcuts available that can be helpful for you to convert your design into responsive if it is not yet. Otherwise you will have to rebuild your website to stay in the market. You will lose 57% of your clients, if you don’t convert your web design as responsive, in future.

As far as adaptive approach is concern, it deals with user as well as with server. In adaptive approach, the developers use retina images with the high definition quality especially designed for portable devices like tablets and iPhones etc. the adaptive approach allows you to convert your design responsive without changing the complete structure of the website. You have to work on the template of your website and few other changes to make it responsive for all the portable devices.

Unfortunately every developer cannot work on adaptive approach. A developer need to have strong grip on JavaScript and other related techniques to deign it for you. A developer has to face many barriers while working on adaptive design approach therefore he must be adapt in his field of work to produce professional results. You will have to work on the server side adaptive design approach to complete this process. Your website needs to be responsive, adaptive from user end and also adaptive from server end to work accordingly. Please click here for more information.